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When consumers experience times in their lives when they are ill, or when advancing age becomes a factor, they are much more likely to want to eat their favourite foods. That’s why it’s important that caterers in either hospital or care home environments serve the right breakfast products – namely those that have been firm favourites for many years.

The full Kellogg’s range is available to the Hospital and Carehome sector, with a specially designed Sachet Packs suitable for use in all NHS hospitals.

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Staff and Visitor Sales Service

CanteenFood sales revenues are an increasingly important income source for hospital caterers. Kellogg’s are able to help maximise your sales. Kellogg’s are able to provide individually branded Portion Paks in a range of favourite cereals, and merchandise solutions to make the most of your display.

Consider combining cereal and milk with other healthy breakfast items such as fruit juice or yoghurt and create a healthy start meal deal!

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Kellogg's cereals can be a welcome addition to Healthcare main meal catering  - Download the free recipe book - 25 Portion quantities.

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