Kellogg's Foodservice: Vending solutions

Consumers are becoming increasingly health conscious, there is a massive opportunity for out of home caterers to stock healthier brands through a vending machine.

If you are looking to ensure a sales boost in this increasingly popular sector, include Kellogg’s® leading range of cereal snacks or on the go cereal variants in any vending machine.

In this section you will find helpful hints and tips on the best selling products to stock.

The snacking opportunity
The UK cereal bar category is currently growing at a rate of 14.6 per cent and with Kellogg’s owning a 54+ per cent share, what better reason to stock its range of top selling bars.

Cereal snacks are a great source of calcium and iron, amongst other vitamins and minerals. Kellogg’s portfolio incorporates many firm favourites offering seven out of the top ten best-selling cereal snack products, including Nutri-Grain, Nutri-Grain Elevenses and Special K bars.

Special K Chocolate Chip NutriGrain Elevenses Special K Bar

The range of healthier alternatives is ideal for consumers to enjoy at any time of the day and will satisfy demand for both convenience and portability, together with an increasing desire to eat nutritional food.

Kellogg’s four major brands power the growth of the category - Nutri Grain Strawberry, Special K, Crunchy Nut Chocolate Peanut Crisp and Rice Krispie Squares .

NurtiGrain Fruit   Crunchy Nut Peanut Crisp Bar 

Nutri-Grain Strawberry is the biggest selling soft bake cake bar and contributes towards more than half of the category growth. Over 50 per cent of those bought end up in lunchboxes or being consumed on the go, giving vending operators a great opportunity to boost sales of this popular healthy alternative.

Another trusted brand, very popular with women who want to watch their weight, is the Special K Cereal Bar. Millions of households buy the bars each year and with the launch of Special K Bliss Raspberry and Chocolate, stocking this brand will boost sales even further.

Consumers also love Rice Krispies Squares, available in two flavours – marshmallow and caramel & chocolate. This well established favourite has been consumed for over ten years and still drives the foodservice snacking category with a 9.1 per cent share.

The fourth consumer favourite from Kellogg’s is Crunchy Nut Chocolate Peanut Crisp and with UK consumers being Crunchy Nut mad, you'd be mad not to stock these in your vending machines.

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Cereal Vending Solutions

Kellogg’s provide an innovative breakfast option, offering Britain’s best loved cereals in a ready to serve format, the Twinpot To Go. This product is perfect for stocking in chilled vending machines, as the Twinpot To Go includes a serving of cereal, milk and a disposable spoon. All of this is contained in a ready to use bowl and is available in three top selling brands - Kellogg’s Corn Flakes, Crunchy Nut and Frosties.

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K Category Insight

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Stock the no. 1 in 2012

With a £19 million media spend on Special K in 2012 the best selling cereal brand in the UK is going to remain in high demand this year.

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