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When consumers are on the move and away from home, serving products they love and recognise provides reassurance and enjoyment. Food choices need to be quick and easy, and a brand with a rich heritage, such as Kellogg’s, provides an ideal solution. Kellogg's offers a range of leading cereal and cereal bar brands that will help to ensure consumers are satisfied all day long, with ease.

Available in a range of travel-friendly formats, some of which have been designed specifically for the travel sector, caterers can rest-assured they will be offering their customers the choice and quality they deserve, when they choose Kellogg's.

Whether flying to a business meeting, taking a ferry crossing on holiday, driving on the motorway or simply waiting for a train on a station platform, Kellogg’s cereals are available in a format to suit all manner of travellers’ needs. With a diverse range of cereal formats including Portion-Pak, Bag-Pak and travel-specific packs, To Go Twinpot and Kell-Bowl and a choice of leading brands, Kellogg’s offers the perfect on the go solution for caterers.

Crunchy Nut 35g 2863      Rice Krispies 22g 3624      Corn Flakes 24g 3693


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Healthy snacking & Travel - Made for each other!

Snacking provides an ever-increasing sales opportunity for caterers in the travel sector. Providing an alternative snacking option to traditional confectionery, Kellogg’s cereal bars are perfectly suited to addressing every customer’s need. With Kellogg’s as the market leader, holding seven of the top 10 sellers, there is no greater authority.

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K Category Insight

Kellogg’s has 4 of the top 5 sellers in consumer grocery sales and tastes for cereal out of home will be no different. (IRI Grocery outlets data 52)

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