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The emphasis that has been placed on the health and nutrition of school catering over the past few years is a positive development. It has encouraged schools, educational institutions and colleges to review their offerings and has also resulted in the setting up of the School Food Trust (SFT) in England and the Appetite for Life consultation document in Wales.

Kellogg’s has developed a strong working relationship with the SFT since its inception, playing an advisory role to help nutritionists understand which breakfast and snacking products available from Kellogg’s can benefit school caterers looking for nutritional options that fit within the new guidelines.

An astonishing one in six children regularly skip what is considered to be the most important meal of day resulting in a deficiency in essential minerals and nutrients that they will struggle to make up during the rest of the day.

The Government’s dietary survey has also shown that on average, breakfast cereals only contribute to five per cent of the salt and sugar in children’s diets.

That’s why it’s important that school caterers know which Kellogg’s products can be used within the education sector.

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Education - food for the brain

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