Kellogg's Point of Sale

Having decided to stock a range of Kellogg’s best-selling cereals and cereal bars, caterers are well on their way to sales success, but how they display these products is just as important. If customers cannot see your range clearly it is unlikely they will decide to purchase. An appealing and tempting display, especially at breakfast, will help contribute to extra sales from Kellogg’s cereal.

As part of Kellogg’s commitment to being category leaders in both the cereal and cereal bar markets, a range of tailor-made merchandising solutions have been developed to ensure caterers’ ranges have the best visibility to customers.

1 Tier Cereal Display 2 Tier Cereal Display 6 Tier Cereal Display TallJar-Bag Pack Cereal Low Tub Cereal Display 1 Tier Kellogg's Snacks Display 2 Tier Kellogg's Snacks Display 3 Tier Kellogg's Snacks Display

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Our UK Foodservice POS Policy

We are more than happy to support its customers in providing merchandising tools and point of sale to help our valued client make the best use of their display spaces and maximise client satisfaction. Our policy is to offer the right solutions for product display for your size and style of catering establishment. In order to obtain a unit complete our application form that tell us about the nature of your business and enables us to check that the POS you've requested is the one that best suits your needs. Please also fax a copy of one of your invoices showing Kellogg’s products to (UK Freephone) 0800 389 1625.

We take privacy seriously

The information you give us will never be shared with anyone outside of the Kellogg's organisation. If we contact you in response to your request it will be to clarify your requirement and to make sure we send you the best solution for your business. Privacy Policy

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