Eating Responsibly

At Kellogg’s we promote eating well and healthy living. Our legacy is based on the philosophy that people can improve their health by eating a balanced diet and engaging in regular physical activity. Leading a healthy lifestyle begins with a good understanding of nutrition. We believe in providing high-quality, nutritious food and helping educate consumers about the benefits of a healthy diet.

Kellogg’s has in place a global marketing code and a longstanding commitment to advertising in a responsible manner.

This means:

  • We don’t encourage over-consumption of our foods when consumers take part in promotions.
  • We always present Kellogg’s breakfast cereals as part of a balanced breakfast.

We run a balanced promotional calendar featuring a good mix of fun, education and well being based activities.

Walking the talk

One of our most successful foodservice promotions involved offering consumer cyclometers. The instant win promotion ran through contract catering units from June through to July 2007. It rewarded consumers for their loyalty when purchasing Kellogg’s cereal in the morning and a cereal bar, after 11am.

Each consumer was given an instant win game card, which when stamped twice gave them the opportunity to win one of 11,060 cyclometers, 11,060 family vouchers, 34 Special K bikes and two Center Parcs breaks.

Kellogg’s Foodservice also backs the Special K Slimmer Jeans Challenge, which millions of consumers take part in each year.

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What's the best way to get my 5-a-day?

You’ve probably heard of the ‘5 a Day’ rule for fruit and veg; by eating five different portions of fruit and/or veg each day, you can guarantee you’ll be getting the right amounts of all the health giving vitamins and goodness you need.  Easy ways to reach your ‘5 a Day’ target :

Get a fruit boost at breakfast -If you have a glass of fruit juice as well, you’ve already ticked off two of your five servings even before you leave the house.

Don’t forget frozen and canned -Frozen, canned and dried fruits and vegetables can all help get you to your ‘5 a Day’ target. Frozen vegetables are convenient, quick and easy to use and keep for a lot longer than fresh. Perfect if you’re too busy to go shopping for fresh on a regular basis.

More than a bit on the side - When you’re cooking for yourself or the family, it’s a good idea to get into the habit of thinking about veg as more than just a side dish to the meat and potato ‘main event’.


Boy and Woman eating Cereal  Girl Eating Cereal and Fruit  Cereal Fruit and Yogurt