The nutritional benefits of eating breakfast

Nutritionists consider breakfast to be the most important meal of the day - Eating breakfast can help improve moods and give a feeling of well being. Girl Eating Cereal

27 million people in the UK regularly skip breakfast, resulting in a deficiency in essential minerals and nutrients that they will struggle to make up during the rest of the day – this gives you as an out of home caterer a distinct opportunity to offer the right breakfast options – helping to close that nutrition gap and maximise your sales.

Thinking about your customers - Ideally they should be looking to consume around 25% of your daily calories from breakfast (for a man eating 2500 calories a day this would be around 625 calories, for a women eating 2000 calories, around 500 calories).

A healthy, low fat breakfast - something like a glass of fruit juice followed by a bowl of Kellogg’s Bran Flakes with semi-skimmed milk and a banana - will provide:

  • 100% of your Recommended Daily Amount (RDA) of vitamin C. 
  • 70% of your RDA of folic acid.
  • 53% of your RDA of iron.

GDA for Branflakes – Kellogg’s can help you to supply your guest with a full nutritional breakdown for every Kellogg’s cereal (Link to Nutritionals info) Fruit and Cereal

Guideline Daily Amounts, or GDAs, provide an 'at a glance' guide to the percentage of calories, sugars, fat, saturates, and salt that are present in the food you serve helping guests to make informed decisions

Fact - Like any other meal, a balanced breakfast should include foods from each of the food groups. It’s also a good time to get at least two servings of fruit.

Fact – Did you know ? - Breakfast cereals are the single biggest source of iron in the diet, providing more iron than meat and meat products, breads and vegetables,(Source – Kellogg’s health and well being)

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How much is a "5- A-Day" portion?

You’ve probably heard of the ‘5 a Day’ rule for fruit and veg; by eating five different portions of fruit and/or veg each day, you can guarantee you’ll be getting the right amounts of all the health giving vitamins and goodness you need.  Easy ways to reach your ‘5 a Day’ target :

Get a fruit boost at breakfast -If you have a glass of fruit juice as well, you’ve already ticked off two of your five servings even before you leave the house.

Don’t forget frozen and canned -Frozen, canned and dried fruits and vegetables can all help get you to your ‘5 a Day’ target. Frozen vegetables are convenient, quick and easy to use and keep for a lot longer than fresh. Perfect if you’re too busy to go shopping for fresh on a regular basis.

More than a bit on the side - When you’re cooking for yourself or the family, it’s a good idea to get into the habit of thinking about veg as more than just a side dish to the meat and potato ‘main event’.

Woman and Boy Eating Breakfast   Girl Eating Breakfast  Ingredients