Where can I buy Kellogg’s Foodservice Products?

Our entire range is available in specially produced Food Service Bulk Packs to large cartons of individual portion packaging through Foodservice wholesalers and Cash and Carry’s.

In what formats are your products available?
We have a wide range of formats to suit every business requirement from hotels to airport kiosks. Our cereal range offer everything from 1kg boxes and large bag packs for service as loose cereal, to individually packaged portions sized between 25g / 45g. For more information on the SKUs available visit our Products search page.

I’m looking to offer a breakfast offering for dieting clients. What products do you offer in this area?
We recommend Special K – a healthy mixture of the finest grains of rice and wholegrain. Special K is one good way to eat a tasty breakfast, while attempting to loose weight and maintaining a balanced diet. We also have a range of low calorie Special K cereal bars, especially useful for breakfast on the run or healthy snacking between meals.

What is the recommended portion size of Kellogg's cereal?
We suggest that between 30g and 50g is the best portion size dependent on the customer’s daily needs.

Do you use Genetically Modified ingredients in your products?
Kellogg’s Foodservice never use any maize, soya, or any other product that has derived from GM crops. We carefully source corn from a specially selected cultivation in Argentina. Our Argentitian corn crop is ringfenced along the supply chain to give Kelloggs complete traceability of supply. We can therefore maintain strict controls to ensure that our corn supply is never subjected to any genetic modification.  It’s worth remembering that all GM ingredients are now, since the 1st of September 1998, subject to strict control. All food manufacturers that use GM products are obliged by law to inform consumers of the relevant ingredients on their packaging.

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Breakfast isn't always a morning thing...

Image of a workplace kitchenBreakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day. While it may not be your businesses most important meal of the day, we believe that it can make a significant contribution to your bottom line and to the satisfaction of your customers. As people become ever more health conscious and work longer hours the potential value of healthier breakfasts sold on a per meal basis outwith the retail environment will grow.


We believe that Kellogg's offers a range of products that caters specifically for every trading situation where consumers understand that a traditional cooked breakfast everyday is perhaps not the most nutritionally balanced way to start the day.