Childrens Rights

Kellogg's take the rights and freedoms of children very seriously.

In communicating with children, Kellogg is especially mindful of the need to protect their personal privacy. It is for this reason that we will ask for confirmation of date of birth at the point of registering for any promotion on the website. Information from any users who are under 16 cannot be held in our database and so those under 16 will not be able to register. We include several notices asking children to get parental permission before providing any personal information. Personal information may include name, address, email address, age, etc.

We may also occasionally ask, on a voluntary basis and with parental permission, if appropriate, for personal information for our internal use, such as marketing and research. We'll maintain your privacy and will not sell or provide this information to third parties. Only those who ask to be added to our updates list or who ask for information from us will receive email communications from us.

K Facts...

Breakfast is the one meal that is called out in the government's Change for Life program. More facts?

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K Facts...

Fortified breakfast cereals are the single biggest source of iron (26%) in a young persons’ diet providing more iron than meat. More Facts?

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Breakfast - the most important meal of the day

People who eat breakfast every day tend to perform
better. Eating slow energy release carbohydrates
in the morning can improve mental and physical
performance through till lunchtime.

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K Category Insight

Kellogg’s has 4 of the top 5 sellers in consumer grocery sales and tastes for cereal out of home will be no different. (IRI Grocery outlets data 52)

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